Cylinder Liners

This is the most critical part of the engine, where the actual combustion is taking place. The liners are normally manufactured from cast iron in grades FG20 to FG55.

The performance of an engine & capacity of engine is mainly decided by the liner inside diameter. Inside diameter & its surface finish are the most critical parameters of a cylinder liner & we are specialized in manufacturing them with a highly equipped process. Key performance properties of cylinder liner are wear & tear, anti-galling & prolonged life.

We now produce 8,000 tonnes of Cylinder Liners per month, thus earning a place amongst the Top Three Manufacturers of Cylinder Liners in India.

Our Research Division has developed centrifugally cast Cylinder Liners manufactured with our own formula alloy cast iron. The use of this alloy cast iron gives phenomenal wear resistance and corrosion resistance with optimal durability and resistance to scuffing.

All Cylinder Liners are finely ground and bore machined to the last micron for that unique 'Cooper Grip' finish.

Cooper Corporation Cylinder Liners are used in Locomotives, in Earth-moving Equipment, in the Automotive Industry, in tractors, in the Oil and Gas Industries, in Power Plants, in Gensets and in other Domestic and Industrial applications.

Cylinder Liners