Cylinder Heads and Blocks

The cylinders heads are either modular or integrated and are designed as per the engine requirement. We make both types of heads. The entire valve assembly fits into the cylinder head. The valve seat valve guide is the most critical part of the head & is manufactured with special tools & the machining process. The combustion in the engine is mainly dependent on the head. The cylinder heads are manufactured in cast iron & compacted graphite iron. The cylinder heads are manufactured from single cylinder to multiple cylinders.

The cylinder block is the main part of the engine on which all the parts get fitted. The blocks are designed based on the engine requirement. Blocks are manufactured from single cylinder to multiple cylinders. The blocks are manufactured from the cast iron grades FG25 to FG35. The crank shaft bore, camshaft bore, cylinder liner bore, HLA bore, are the most critical parameter of the block. The block are manufactured on specialized equipment & tooling

At the Cooper Corporation, we produce all types of Cylinder Heads and Cylinder Blocks to customer specifications. These are manufactured on an imported Moulding Line with strict controls on the core to ensure leak proof Cylinder Heads with clean water passages. We supply Cylinder Heads fully machined, pressure tested and assembled with valve seat inserts, valve guides and yoke guides.

Cylinder Head And Block